Happy 1 Year Anniversary Pocky Campaign!

In July 2011, we started  The Pocky Campaign.  What started as a humble online petition for the manufacturing of Gluten/Allergy-Free Pocky, has blossomed into a movement. To celebration of our 1 year anniversary; we’ve baked special edition Gluten/Allergy-Free Pocky. Happy 1 Year Anniversary Pocky Campaign! Advertisements

The Test Trials are: GO!

The second test trial for Sensational Gluten/Allergy-Free Strawberry Pocky, & the first test trial for Gluten/Allergy-Free Pizza Pocky were a huge success. The recipes will be online shortly ^^

Happy Mother’s Day ♥

In honor of May 13th, we’re dedicating the 2nd test  batch of Sensational Strawberry Gluten/Allergy-Free Pocky to all the mommies across the globe.  ♥ Happy Mother’s Day ♥

It’s Strawberry-Tastic!

Eureka, We’ve done it! The first test trial for Sensational Gluten/Allergy-Free Strawberry Pocky was a success. Now on to tests 2 & 3, and then the final recipe ^^

The Sign-Off Event!

Were having a contest! Our Mascot Lil’ Laura has been tirelessly campaigning. She need your help! Send in photos of yourself holding your own home-made signs featuring the classic “We want Gluten/Allergy-free Pocky!” or your very own slogan. Cosplay, superhero costumes, wigs are strongly encouraged; feel free to be creative ~.^ Photos must be sent … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to The Official Campaign site!  At the moment were under-construction. Stay tuned will be online soon ^.^