Gluten/Allergy-Free Pocky Recipes

In July, when we started this campaign we hoped that Ezaki Glico would start manufacturing Gluten/Allergy-Free Pocky. Then we had an “Aha” moment: Why not make it ourselves?

[Drum roll] Presenting our original recipes:

Eureka! Behold: Gluten/Allergy-Free Home-Made Pocky!

Eureka! Behold: Sensational Gluten/Allergy-Free Strawberry Pocky!

Eureka! Behold: Poppin’ Gluten/Allergy-Free Pumpkin Pocky!

Eureka! Behold: Super Green Gluten/Allergy-Free Pocky!

Eureka! Behold: The Simplified Formula!

Coming Soon:

Pizza Pocky, and Banana-Coco Pocky ^^

Recipes are hosted on our sister-site: The Good Stuff


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