Breaking News: Ezaki Glico Responds to our Letter!

pocky letter2

On December 17, 2012 we mailed Ezaki Glico, (the manufacture of Pocky), our official campaign letter along with a Japanese translation. The wait is over, yesterday we received a special package from the company.

Inside the box contained an official letter, along with a few small gifts. Ezaki Glico thanked us for our letter and support for their product. In addition, they noted- That at this time, it would be difficult to create a Gluten/Allergy-Free version of Pocky; yet they aspire that it will happen one day. We recognize that creating a Top 8+ Allergy-Free manufacturing facility and ensuring consumer safety isn’t an easy task. We’re moved by Ezaki Glico’s compassion and understanding of the needs of consumers who have food allergies/intolerances and celiac disease; and we appreciate the company’s heart-felt honesty.

We would like to say: Thank You to Ezaki Glico for their response and the gifts-their thoughtfulness honors The Pocky Campaign. One day, we hope to work along side them in developing a Gluten/Allergy-Free version of Pocky. We look forward to the future ^.^


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